December 22nd in Features by .

Christmassy Kottayam

15 photos that show our Town celebrating the goodness of the Season.

October 29th in Features by .

Movie-Going Getting Revamped

While the Dhanya-Remya twin-theatre complex is being built, the existing theatres now support Online & Mobile Ticket Reservations.

September 30th in Features by .

Louis Philippe and Van Heusen opened. Town expands.

Go claim the never-before launch offers at the Louis Philippe and Van Heusen factory outlets. At Thannickalpady, on the way to Vadavathoor.

August 23rd in Features by .

Onam – Styled Internationally

Onam season have always seen plenty of highly-creative ads from the international brands. Lee and Wrangler leads this time.

August 21st in Features by .

Electric Bloom, this Onam

Flowers during the day. Lights during the night. Onam goes full-time this time!

August 2nd in Features by .

Lap 11 Kottayam

Existing roads in town combined to form a 10km cruise track. And a lap of it at 11 in the night.

July 20th in Features by .

Go-Karting + Billiards. YAY!

With Formula1 all set for start in India next year, a Go-Karting facility just 26kms away from town is simply brilliant! Add a Billiards room to it, and you get a wonderful leisure spot.

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