8 Great Apparel Brands. Now in Kottayam Town.

More and more reasons to be happy. Eight great branded apparel outlets have been opened in Kottayam Town. The joyous fact is that, 7 of them are international style-icon brands. It’s great to see more of these coming up, adding life and color to our town.

Pepe Jeans
(Sasthri Road)

Levi Strauss Signature
(Sasthri Road)

(Sasthri Road)

(Sasthri Road)

Basics Life
(M.D. Commerical Centre, K.K. Road)

Zapp! Zapp! has been replaced by Arrows
(M.D. Commerical Centre, K.K. Road)

Wrangler & Reebok
Opposite Darsana Cultural Centre, Shastri Road.

Multi-brand mega store chain – MegaMart is now open in Kottayam, above Hotel Aryaas, Baker Junction.

29 thoughts on “8 Great Apparel Brands. Now in Kottayam Town.”

    1. πŸ™‚ Yes. But Woodlands wasn’t included (nor was Cat & Moss and Lilliput) because this is about the recently opened outlets. A more detailed post about Sasthri road will see all of these together πŸ™‚

    1. That’s great news.
      They weren’t live at the time of writing and that’s why they’re not included in the post πŸ™‚

      Thanks for adding to the post.

    1. Yes, indeed they are separate showrooms. Just that they’re in one building and are adjacent.
      Raymonds was not missed. This was about “recently opened” apparel brand showrooms and Raymonds have been around for quite some time now.

      Thanks for suggesting; something like a list of all branded apparel showrooms could be put up later.

  1. Hi I have seen a broad of opening soon the Factory Outlet show room for premier brands near Vadavathoor dumping yard near St.Antonys Motors

    1. Thanks for notifying, Nimesh.

      The post is already updated with the change.
      “Zapp! has been replaced by Arrows”

      Will try to replace the picture too.

  2. Why can’t we bring these branded showrooms under one construction. I would like to ask why there is no SHOPPING MALL so far. Near our city, smaller than our’s is completing there fourth SHOPPING MALL & all of them are above 1lakh of squire feet . One of them is offered by the state government. It is a project of thirty crores. Our political leaders did not argue for such a project. The branded companies who are interested to invest capital have to spent money for the implementation of the infrastructure for there show room. Flats are constructed abundantly in our city but they are not provided with other facilities needed for there life. If we are providing the infrastructure of shopping malls, more international companies, they are willing to come here and start new business enterprises. Why there is not a business concern like ADIDAS international in our locality?

    1. Your opinion is highly relevant, indeed.
      And it might be true that things aren’t business-friendly and of course there is a lack of infrastructure currently.
      Also, please keep in mind that Kottayam is still a town and not a city – it has its restraints. Simply building up shopping malls/complexes is not gonna do any long-term good.
      Things have to be analyzed and designed from the basic level (roads etc.)

      This is why much time is taken – because any developmental decision taken from now on should be very carefully thought out. But yes, it’s obviously taking more time than it should.
      This doesn’t mean there will NEVER be ANY good thing. There will definitely be great times ahead, but it will take a bit more time and effort.
      Although it is frustrating to wait for such a long time, projects that are done late will have the latest and more efficient technologies and methods πŸ™‚

      (PS. You mentioned about stores like Adidas. There’s a good number of branded showrooms on Shastri Road alone. Not to mention the recently opened Van Heusen store, which is the largest in Kerala.)

      Thank you for writing in πŸ™‚

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