10 thoughts on “BSNL 3G Launch Event LIVE”

  1. Live blogging way too Kewl!!

    And yes,”Trust us the new generation Sir, we’re gonna make the world a better place. Word.” Amen:-)

  2. Hello,
    You Guys are doing a really commendable job.
    Kudos to you.
    BTW, the website is taking too much time to get accessed, especially on Internet Explorer. So,Please take care about it.

    I’ve a suggestion, We need to help develop our Kottayam.It’s lagging behind all other districts. I’m trying to prepare a report on the nedd to establish an airport in Kottayam.
    Hoping to meet our MPs and MLAs.

    Is there som way you guys can also do something on the airport project.

    The state Govt. is yet to give NOC to the project which got full support of the Aviation Minster Praful Patel, during the term of Previous UPA Govt., i.e. in the year 2008.

    Are you guys Journalism students?

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation and good words 🙂
      Really means a lot.

      Yes, we load slow on IE because the design we use is a bit “too advanced” for IE to handle.
      Loads great on Firefox and blazing fast on Chrome.
      But, thanks for notifying about the issue.

      So great to hear you thinking of something big like that in Kottayam.
      We’d love to help develop our Hometown.

      In fact, we have thought about the need of multi-storey/underground parking facilities and restructured traffic flow.
      Both these issues are of grave concern as well. And it’s heartening to see things getting better and better, though in a slow pace.

      And no, we are not Journalism students.

      Thank you once again for stopping by and talking.
      Would love to talk more.

  3. Hai Aravind,Congratulations. Today i just read the report and watched the pictures of 3 G Launch at Kottayam. Beautiful presentation with intelligent comments.

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