Twin Theatres and a Mall Heading Our Way


March 2015

The WMall building is seen to be fully built. Yet to open.


After a long wait, the Dhanya Remya Twin Theatres will open on 11th Nov. 2011, 11 am.
Also read about the all-new Anand theatre

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If you were frowning thinking there aren’t much things to be excited about in Kottayam, this is great news for you. This is great news for just everyone,  in fact. A state-of-the-art twin-theatre complex and an awesome-looking mall (yeah!) are in fast development.

The twin-theatre complex (from the Muthoot group) will be at Vayaskkarakkunnu on the Aida Junction – Pulimoodu Junction part of M.C. Road, approximately opposite to focuz motors showroom. WMall – The mall (from Wexco builders) will be near the Plantation Corporation junction, just adjacent to Cafe D’ Anns.

The Concept Model

The proposed site

The twin-theatre complex will be finished and launched by the next Onam season early 2011 (Update on this with pictures).
The Dhanya Remya Twin Theatres will open on Nov. 11, 2011.

We don’t know about the launch date of the WMall, but it should be reasonably soon
(Update on 2010 Nov – the construction works were paused till now. Back in action now).

22 thoughts on “Twin Theatres and a Mall Heading Our Way”

  1. Indeed more and more to celebrate in Kottayam. :-)Our first mall and, thats simply YAY!! Welcome Awesomeness. 🙂

  2. Thanks for taking the effort and pain in showing the developments of our Beautiful district.

    Keep up the good work mates.


    Subramony Anantha Krishna (S.A.K)

  3. Its indeed a great news. Nice to know that kottayam in developing. Hope these 2 news developments will improve kottayam’s name very much..
    Thanks a lot for updating all these developments

  4. First of all, the state capital TVM doesn’t have a mall and Cochin have only two. Only two Kerala cities are Tier2. There are no McDonalds/KFC/Pizza Hut or retail chains here like in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. It’s impossible for a mall to be built in Kottayam – it’s a Tier3 city.

    1. If you are saying that Kerala isn’t advanced as “Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad”, there is no argument there. It’s an obvious fact. But more importantly, there is no logical validity in comparing those metro cities with the cities and towns here.

      Everything is being started up. Developments and tremendous strides are being initiated all over. We can’t have everything setup in just one day. Allow time, contribute, participate and you will have your place the way you want it to be 🙂

      And about the ‘impossibility’ of having a mall in Kottayam — why is that?
      We would certainly love to have one for ourselves 🙂

  5. TVM and Ernakulam have several malls. I have been to 2-3 in both places!! I have heard that Kozhikode also have malls. Now at Kollam, they have k-mall. Dont think that Kerala is underdeveloped. Please don’t be closed-minded and think that Kerala is underdeveloped!
    Now the most beautiful Kottayam is gonna have a mall. Lets celebrate!!
    Looking forward to its opening <3

    1. Small correction.. Trivandrum doesnt have any shopping malls. There are 3 malls (Oberon,Gold Souk and Abad Nucelus) in Kochi. Calicut has two (RP Mall and Focuz). Kottayam can easily afford a mall ..ppl have enuf disposable income here

    2. Where is the mall in TVM?
      I have been living there for the past 6 years.
      Haven’t found any 😛
      (recently a Pothy’s building was inagurated)

  6. Why one should compare the metro cities with our cities and towns? Its meaningless..ask ur neighboring state friends …the entire kerala is developed and we are enjoying the winds of change at every nook and corner of kerala..u can’t imagine this in any other indian proud to be keralite…

  7. Hey guys, there are two malls that I know about in TVM.
    Ever heard of BigBazaar? One is near Thampanoor overbridge and another I think is at pattom.
    Or you dont consider BigBazaar as a mall??!!

    1. Of course, there are BigBazaars. The other one is at Keshavadasapuram, I believe.
      No one was speaking against you, Swaps.
      It’s just that BigBazaars are considered as retail-chain-outlets rather than malls (mainly because of the missing entertainment/leisure/gaming aspects).

  8. More than 10 malls are coming up in trivandrum .. Who said trivandrum dont have fried chicken ? there is chic king , mary brown , dominos , KFC , subway and also McDonalds coming soon to the city.

    1. That’s great 🙂
      To be clear, no one is denying anything; it’s just that the post and the comments you read were made 2 years back in 2010.
      Things have changed a lot from then.

  9. thanks for the efforts you are taking behind the opening of these mall in kottayam
    our kottayam peoples are realy awaiting for a mall in our kottayam….wishing all success ..thanks alot…

  10. I was wondering if the news about w mall is real or not.Its already 2014 and no news about the W mall.May be the wexco group dropped the project.

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