Introducing Photowalks

Starting with this year’s Christmas we’ll be having Photowalks frequently. Means, we’ll roam around Kottayam and shoot photos of things that are worth celebrating.

We’re starting off with the Christmas Photowalk Series. Photos will be posted frequently as posts categorized under the Photowalk tag and finally we’ll pick the best ones from the many photowalks and compile them into one single post.

Here’s the first photowalk post showing the lovely decorated AVG showroom.

4 thoughts on “Introducing Photowalks”

  1. Nice – I have a suggestion. Could you guys try to get some Kottayam cityscapes – from one of the 30+ highrises in our town. If possible from the 21 storeyed ‘Skyline Hillview’ @ Kanjikkuzhi? Thanks.

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