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Update 2: This post is originally about the 51st Kerala School Kalolsavam that was held in Kottayam.
As an update, details of the Kottayam Revenue District Sports, Revenue District Shasthramela (Science exhibition) and Kottayam Revenue District Kalolsavam is given below:

Revenue District Sports fest – 21st-23rd November 2011 at S. D. College, Kanjirappally
Revenue District Science exhibition24, 25 November 2011 at St. Mary’s Boys’ High School, Kuravilangadu.
Revenue District Kalolsavam6th-9th December 2011 at Kottayam

**End of Update2**

Update: As per the revised schedule, Kalolsavam will start on Tuesday, 18th January.
The procession is postponed to the final day (23rd January).
The competitions that were scheduled for 17th January will be held on different days. Haven’t got the updated schedule as of now.
The revised timings of the postponed competition items are given below the image.
The registration will start on 17th January Morning, as planned earlier.
A simplified inaugural ceremony will be held on 18th Jan (Tuesday) morning at 8.30 8 am and competitions will start at 9.30 am at various stages according to the earlier schedule.

**End of Update**

The programme schedule of Kerala School Kalolsavam is published.
Click the following image to open it in full-size and see the time and venue of each item. (See the list of venues and an interactive map of them.)

Please note that changes might be made in the above schedule by the programme committee. Always try to confirm the schedule, to be completely sure.

Details of competition items which were rescheduled

View the revised timings (PDF, from the official site)

18th January, Tuesday

Mime – K. P. S. Menon Hall
Skit (English, HSS) – Mount Carmel B. Ed. College Auditorium
Patriotic Song (HS, HSS) – St. Annes HSS Auditorium
Veena, Vichithra Veena (HS, HSS) – Vidhyadhiraja School Auditorium
Ottanthullal (HSS, HS – Boys & Girls) – Vidhyadhiraja School Auditorium
Chendamelam (HSS) – Thirunakkara Grounds

19th January, Wednesday

Mohiniyattom (HS) – Police Parade Ground
Recitation (English, HS/HSS) – K. P. S. Menon Hall
Extempore/Elocution (English, HS/HSS) – K. P. S. Menon Hall
Margamkali (HSS) – Mount Carmel B. Ed. College Auditorium

20th January, Thursday

Bharathanatyam (Girls, HSS) – Police Parade Ground
Oppana (HS) – Mount Carmel B. Ed. College Auditorium
Chakyarkoothu (HS, HSS) – Mount Carmel B. Ed. College Auditorium
Kadhakali Sangeetham (HS, Boys & Girls) – CMS CHSS Auditorium

21st January, Friday

Light Music (HS, Boys & Girls) – CMS CHSS Auditorium
Mappilappattu (HS, Boys) – CMS CHSS Auditorium

23rd January, Sunday

Recitation (Malayalam, HS, HSS) – Mammen Mappila Hall

27 thoughts on “Kalolsavam Schedule”

  1. സ്കൂള്‍ കലോത്സവം മാറ്റിവെച്ചു ശബരിമല ദുരന്തത്തെ തുടര്‍ന്നാണ്‌ മാറ്റിവെച്ചത് .പുതുക്കിയ തിയതി ഇന്ന് ചേരുന്ന യോഗത്തില്‍ തീരുമാനിക്കും

    1. According to the news release, the item – Veena HS (and HSS) – will be held at 6 pm on 18th January at Vidhyadhiraja School Auditorium.

      Best wishes to you.

  2. kalolsavam is well organized.three cheers to the organizing committee!! But sound system in mount carmel (stage No 3) for Vrinda vadyam was very poor which made the participants as well as the audience cry. pl make sure that at least in future, provide open stage for items like vrindavadyam and drama. THANKS

    1. Yes, it is going on really well.
      Hopefully, the issues like the one you mentioned would be sorted out the next time.
      It is indeed getting better and better, every edition.

      For example, the background of the main stage (Police Parade Ground) is just fantastic (it’s not the cloth curtain stuff). It contributes highly to the elegance of the performances.
      It’s just for one stage this time. Hopefully, it will be the standard for all venues in the coming years.

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