An Assortment of Nadan Palaharam

These Diwali Sweet assortments sparked an idea: how about an assortment of Nadan Kerala Sweets/Palaharams? Sounded good and we gave it a try. This got made.
Looks pretty good, doesn’t it.

We think this would make a great gift especially during the festival seasons. This would also be a good addition to the welcome-drink counters at receptions and any celebratory event. Not to mention the tasty souvenir-value something like this holds!

This certainly is not a complete collection; it’s more of a sketch. You could hack it into various combinations with different quantities, introduce more items like the Halwa, which wasn’t included in order to stay biased towards Kottayam.

4 thoughts on “An Assortment of Nadan Palaharam”

    1. So happy to hear that you are interested, but sadly there isn’t a place you could buy this as a box/package.
      You will have to attempt this as a DIY project. We are yet to know of a place/bakery that does this.

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