16 thoughts on “Flower Show 2010”

  1. thnk u very much the fouders of this site.. for this..that those who are missing these occasions ..who can have feeling to be there though this site..

    i never missed any flower show till the time iwas in town..

    1. We’re so very happy to hear that.
      “To be almost-there at any celebration in your hometown” – that exactly is our vision.
      And that word of appreciation confirms we’re indeed moving in the right path.

      Thank you. So much.

    1. That’s good 🙂
      If you can send some to us at mail [at] kottayampattanam dot [com], we would be so happy to publish them here.

  2. I remember the Kottayam flower shows for the last 30 years. At that time it had been conducted at Mamman Mappila Hall. The flowering and ornamental plants were less. Its active participation was confined to some families of Kottayam. If my memory is correct Dr. KJ Pappachan, Chalukunnu was the first president of flower show organizing committee.

    Today the flower show has become popular.The shifting of the venue to Sastri Road Park and now to Nagampadom Maidan has influenced its wide acceptance. In addition to Roses & Bougainvillas many flowering plants like Musanda, Annuals, Succulents, Orchid, Anthurium, Hybiscus and now Yuforbia which were imported from abroad started to be demonstrated in flower shows as well as in front of our homes.

    Jaleel Pareed, Saudi Arabia.

    1. Can feel the charm of the lovely memories you got with you 🙂

      And that’s a lot of trivia about the Flower Show. Thank you so much for adding to the post.

      Yes, the change in venue to the open maidan has given the event a huge facelift and public participation.
      On the closing day, people waited for around 1.5hrs in Queue, out in the sun, for the tickets!

      It’s so great to meet you.
      Thanks again.

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