Lap 11 Kottayam

Lap 11 Kottayam is an on-board lap at 11 in the night, on a 10km one-way circuit combining existing roads in town. Watch it and then scroll down for the details.

Is it something official?
No. It’s purely for fun. There’s no official ‘track’ or ‘circuit’.

Why a lap at 11 in the night?
Because it’s impossible during the day. You’d take hours to complete one.

Okay, give the circuit map.

Does all the traffic rules apply?
YES. ALL THE TRAFFIC RULES. Please DO NOT attempt violating any.

Anything to be cautious about, in particular?
Yes, a few.

The stretch from Rubber Board to NH 220 entry at Kanjikuzhy, is very narrow and winding.

Take good care while joining NH 220 and turning back, heading town. It’s often a confusion-point.

The Caesar Palace junction at M.C. Road (Nagampadom) too, can enjoy some extra care.

And the time being night, most one-way routes are considered and used as two-ways by some. It’s advised to stick to the left lane always, to account for this.

Final comment?
Shasthri Road is the real stunner.

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  1. Hello!
    Adipoli!! I love Kottayam very much. Best wishes for KP!
    Please introduce our new budget releases such as airport,mobility hub etc.

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