Naalumanikkaattu – A Promising Place to be at

Naalumanikkaattu is an in-house tourism project by the Manarcad-Ettumanoor Bypass Residents’ with technical support from Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences (the same people behind the Butterfly Garden). A stretch of the bypass has been worked upon and transformed into something like an open park. Benches are placed along one side with tress planted in between. Paddy fields extend to both sides. The already-wonderful landscape will get even greater once the trees grow up. This is indeed a great start.
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Location: 2.5 kms from Manarcad Junction (on the Manarcad-Ettumanoor bypass)
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14 thoughts on “Naalumanikkaattu – A Promising Place to be at”

  1. The place looks stunning in those photos !! 🙂
    Applauses to all the people behind that initiative and also to KP, for its prompt and perfect work in bringing to the public notice, each and every beauty of our Kottayam Pattanam.

    1. You said it! KP is all about celebrating everything that makes Kottayam great.
      No good thing will be left un-celebrated.

      Thank you very much 🙂

  2. We are proud of the people behind this great idea. My hearty congrats to all of them. Only one request: When can we see the by-pass upto pattithanam (ettumanoor) completed?

    1. That would be really great.
      Yes, you can expect the photos as soon as it goes live.
      Thank you very much for the motivation and support.

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