Children’s Theatre Festival – CHITFOK

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It was heartening to see along the railway station road, good-looking posters of something interesting. Especially when you come back home after being away for some days. Not just the posters of Amen, but CHITFOK – a Children’s Theatre Festival.


Scheduled for 13th – 17th April 2013, everyday at 6.30 pm, the festival is organized by our local National Award winner Mr. Joshy Mathew. He has been actively involved with children’s theatre/art/film for long now.

Entry to the event is not restricted but regulated. You can contact Mr. Joshy Mathew to get the free entry tickets (+91 944 705 6416).
Also, tickets will most probably be available at the venue during the event.


Go over to The Hindu for more information and schedule of plays.
An excerpt from the article:

The five-day festival would open with the Chavittu Natakam ‘Thoma Sleeha Charitham’ to be presented by students of St George’s Higher Secondary School, Kaipuzha.

The following plays will be performed over the course of the five days:
‘Ponmanathu Manikal’, which will be presented by children’s theatre group Arangasree, Thanjavoor, Tamil Nadu;
‘Heddaynana’ by Koshika, Uduppi, Karnataka;
‘Akasha Paravakal’ by Navarang, Palakkad;
‘Chipko Chikpko’ by Mazhavallu, Kochi;
‘Kuttiyum Salabhavaum’ by Rangaprabhath, Thiruvananthapuram,;
‘Cocoon’ by Suhruth Nataka Kalari, Vithura;
‘Lutappi’ by Navyug, Kottayam.

Arangasree Tanjore
From ‘Ponmanathu Manikal’ by Arangasree, Tanjore

chavittu nadakam
From ‘Thomasleeha Charitham’ (chavittu nadakam) by St. George HSS, Kaipuzha.
(This team has won 1st place with A grade at the State Youth Festival 2012-13)

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