The All-New Anand

The 7 months it took for the renovation is completely justifiable. The all new Anand is in a class of its own. An elegant class. Every detail has been re-thought and executed nicely. The phrase, of Multiplex quality, is often used to describe the new Anand and that is not wrong. Maybe it’s even more than that. This is far-advanced than many multiplexes.

There are 2 classes: Platinum and Gold.
class relates to the traditional Balcony and the ticket price is Rs. 120/-
The old main entrance is now the entry to Platinum class.

Gold class relates to the First Class and the price is Rs. 70/-
A new entrance near the Abhilash gates is built for the Gold class.

Reservation is enabled for the Platinum Class and is offered at the counter near the gate of Abhilash.
Online ticket booking/reservation is available for Anand, Abhilash and Asha theatres at

View from the Platinum Class

Premium fabric seats and non-slippery carpeted floor with lighted steps

Platinum Class entry

The cafeteria serves coffee, tea, soft drinks, pop corn and snacks

A 40″ Samsung LCD mounted in portrait orientation — Digital poster wall!

The exterior. Gold Class entry towards the end.

13 thoughts on “The All-New Anand”

  1. Undoubtedly, the No.1 theatre in Kerala. Its better than a multiplex. Even better than most of the theatres in Mumbai.

  2. This note is just to remind all of you in Kottayam how lucky we are to have such a nice and clean theatre like Anand here. Recently I went for a movie in a theatre in Tellicherry, Liberty theatre, the best in Tellichery. My God!! It was so dirty and the theatre was pits. It was stinking and the seats were so bad that I got a bad back. That’s when I realised how lucky we are in Kottayam. Thanks team Maliakal for giving us this luxury at Kottayam. Keep it up!!

    1. We are indeed lucky to have what we have now.

      Glad to see the places running smooth as ever and just-as-new even after a year.
      It flies in the face of the misconception ‘that people will not care for anything other than their own’. Take better care for people and they will give back the same.

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