Children’s Theatre Festival – CHITFOK

— Photos from the event are posted below. Scroll down 🙂 —

It was heartening to see along the railway station road, good-looking posters of something interesting. Especially when you come back home after being away for some days. Not just the posters of Amen, but CHITFOK – a Children’s Theatre Festival.


Scheduled for 13th – 17th April 2013, everyday at 6.30 pm, the festival is organized by our local National Award winner Mr. Joshy Mathew. He has been actively involved with children’s theatre/art/film for long now.

Entry to the event is not restricted but regulated. You can contact Mr. Joshy Mathew to get the free entry tickets (+91 944 705 6416).
Also, tickets will most probably be available at the venue during the event.


Go over to The Hindu for more information and schedule of plays.
An excerpt from the article:

The five-day festival would open with the Chavittu Natakam ‘Thoma Sleeha Charitham’ to be presented by students of St George’s Higher Secondary School, Kaipuzha.

The following plays will be performed over the course of the five days:
‘Ponmanathu Manikal’, which will be presented by children’s theatre group Arangasree, Thanjavoor, Tamil Nadu;
‘Heddaynana’ by Koshika, Uduppi, Karnataka;
‘Akasha Paravakal’ by Navarang, Palakkad;
‘Chipko Chikpko’ by Mazhavallu, Kochi;
‘Kuttiyum Salabhavaum’ by Rangaprabhath, Thiruvananthapuram,;
‘Cocoon’ by Suhruth Nataka Kalari, Vithura;
‘Lutappi’ by Navyug, Kottayam.

Arangasree Tanjore
From ‘Ponmanathu Manikal’ by Arangasree, Tanjore

chavittu nadakam
From ‘Thomasleeha Charitham’ (chavittu nadakam) by St. George HSS, Kaipuzha.
(This team has won 1st place with A grade at the State Youth Festival 2012-13)

Short Circuits in Kottayam

Here is something to get you started with planning short road trips in & around Kottayam. The map below show suggested boundaries (in boxes) and pivots (bulleted names).
You can use the sample routes given after the map to plan a circuit based on your distance, time and location preferences. Use Google Maps.

You can plan a route quickly and it is immensely flexible. You can plan a circular route thereby not having to return via the same places, make a very short route based on your location, mix places up for a longer day-trip, include visits to friends’ & relatives’ places etc.

This would be an answer to the frustrating and not very uncommon situation of “Where to go? What to do?”.shortcircuitgmaps

Sample Routes

1. KOTTAYAM-Ettumanoor/Manarcadu-PALA-Marangattupilli-KURAVILANGADU-Kanakkari-Ettumanoor-KOTTAYAM
(View map)

2. KOTTAYAM-Kumarakom-Edayzham-Thanneermukkom-POOCHAKKAL-Thanneermukkom-Edayazham-KALLARA-Ettumanoor/Mannanam-KOTTAYAM
(View map)

(View map)

(View map)

5. KOTTAYAM/CHRY-Pulikkal Kavala-Kanjirapplly-KUTTIKKANAM-Elappara-VAGAMON-Erattupetta-KOTTAYAM/CHRY
(View map)

6. Here is one Specialty Route that takes you from low-lands to high-range via mid-lands in about 70kms (one way):
(View map)

To demonstrate the flexibility of the routes consider this:
In Route 1, from Kuravilangadu, jump to Kallara on Route 2 (Kuravilangadu-Kuruppumthara-Kallara) and proceed to Thanneermukkom/Cherthala.
On return, go via Kumarakom. There you have it – a remix!  Keep making mixes and you won’t easily run out of  routes to go.

The Specialty Route mentioned above will be a suitable addition to the itinerary of visiting friends and family. Give it a little thought and you could sketch up more specialty routes, like a taste-route which link places with good food, a friends’-route or a holiday family-route!


The roads vary greatly in their characteristics – width, quality of tarring, amount of traffic, foot traffic, population density etc.
Never stop being alert, even on familiar roads.



An Assortment of Nadan Palaharam

These Diwali Sweet assortments sparked an idea: how about an assortment of Nadan Kerala Sweets/Palaharams? Sounded good and we gave it a try. This got made.
Looks pretty good, doesn’t it.

We think this would make a great gift especially during the festival seasons. This would also be a good addition to the welcome-drink counters at receptions and any celebratory event. Not to mention the tasty souvenir-value something like this holds!

This certainly is not a complete collection; it’s more of a sketch. You could hack it into various combinations with different quantities, introduce more items like the Halwa, which wasn’t included in order to stay biased towards Kottayam.

Vantage Points

A change of perspective is always refreshing & exciting. Here are some not-often-seen views of Kottayam from characteristic points – vantage points – that show you a lot in one glance.

This post is a collaborative attempt. If you have taken photos like these and would like them to be considered for inclusion in this post, please do send them to
mail ^at^

Beautiful Sunsets at Mannanam

The Mannanam church is a great spot to watch beautiful sunsets and to experience calming twilight.
(11 kms from Kottayam, view on map).

There stands nothing between you and as-far-as-you-can-see. Just before sunset and during twilight, clouds often stage gorgeous performances. And they never repeat the same moves or hues — the view is unique every evening.

It shows how fun-loving our Earth is!