Quality Hotels Spring up around Ettumanoor

Business class hotels are being deployed in a high frequency around Ettumanoor. Within a few months three such hotels were opened within a distance of 10 km from Ettumanoor. And two of them – Zurich International and Vijaya Park – are situated by the side of E.E. (Ettumanoor-Ernakulam) Road with just about 1.5kms separating the both. Third oneĀ  – Hotel Elegance – is at Kidangoor Junction on the Ettumanoor-Pala highway.

All the three have excellent ambience for informal gatherings or get-togethers. A/C & Non A/C Conference and Banquet halls, suites & coffee shops are present too.

Zurich International will take you by surprise and awe with their stunning illuminations (photos available at their gallery), while Vijaya Park will impress you with the sleek, smooth and homely atmosphere. And Hotel Elegance wins with their great location and imposing structure.

Here are few pics of the three, we managed to shoot.