Awesome Roads in Kottayam

Road trips are fun. Time for some in-land roadtrips. These great roads are spread across the 5 Taluks (Vaikom, Meenachil, Kanjirappally, Changanacherry and Kottayam) in Kottayam. There are adequate wayside amenities viz. restaurants, fuel stations, ATMs, stop-over shoulders.

A view from Cherpunkal, on the Ettumanoor – Pala – Erattupetta road

The roads are:

1. Vaikom – Thalayolaparambu – Ettumanoor
2. Ettumanoor – Pala – Erattupetta
3. Kidangoor – Manarcadu
4. Kottayam – Pulikkal Kavala – Kanjirappally
5. Pulikkal Kavala – Karukachal – Changanacherry
6. Changanacherry – Alappuzha
7. Chengalam – Kumarakom stretch of the Kottayam – Kumarakom road

Smooth and free-flowing, these roads are a pleasure to take on.
Tastes best when chilled. Feels best on Sundays and holidays.

The following route map includes all of the above roads to form a single route.

Individual Maps

Vaikom – Thalayolaparambu – Ettumanoor


Ettumanoor – Pala – Erattupetta


Kidangoor – Manarcadu

Kottayam – Pulikkal Kavala – Kanjirappally

Pulikkal Kavala – Karukachal – Changanacherry

Changanacherry – Alappuzha

Chengalam – Kumarakom (part of Kottayam – Kumarakom road)

Maps courtesy: Google Maps

Go-Karting + Billiards. YAY!

Notice (May 2012): Unfortunately, the place is closed indefinitely.

This place was a real discovery. A Go-Karting track and a Billiards club at just 26kms from town.

The place – Pala Fun Track at Arunapuram, Pala – is set alongside the Meenachil River. The standards-compliant Go-Karting track is about 250metres long and is designed amidst rubber tress planted in straight rows – something that makes it unique, very unique.

Then there are the two lush-green professional-quality Billiards tables. The room is filled with multi-channel music. It is relaxingly cool and calm; thanks to the wooden ceiling. Even if it’s the first time you’re holding the cue, the personnel attending you will be more than happy to guide you with the basics and you will start playing in minutes.

With the Indian GrandPrix scheduled for October 2011 at Noida, Delhi, having something like this – a karting place in proximity – is sure to pump up the experience.

Phone Number:
+91 924 912 0777

Working hours:
(Before leaving, call the above number to confirm that they’re opened)
4 pm – 8 pm, Mon-Fri.
10 am – 8 pm, Saturday & Public Holidays
Remains Closed on Sunday.

Tariff: Rs. 100/7 laps of Go-Karting.   Rs. 60/hour for 2 players for Billiards.   Rs. 80/hour for more than 2 players.