No Malayalam movie has been this much positively reviewed ever on Web.

Read: Traffic takes Web by

This is an overwhelming experience. One that will have its strong yet sweet grip on you, throughout.
This could be rightly called a rarity. A perfect, brilliant rarity.

You don’t want to miss this.

There is NOT a single negative review of Traffic.
The Web has been celebrating this, right from the day of release. Rave reviews and delighted comments are everywhere.

Some selected examples:

Just when you thought that Malayalam filmmakers have stopped experimenting with newer themes and styles, here is a fascinating movie which will totally shake you up.

Here is one film which has excelled in virtually all the departments.
Sify Movies

A Viewer Comment

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3 thoughts on “Traffic”

  1. Tried booking the ticket from housefullcenema, however the site seems to be dead. It is showing “Kandhahar” in Ananad and still not taking beyond step 1. Contacted the customer support, they promised to call back but nothing happened. If this is the end of Housefullcenema, that is really unfortunate.

    Back to the movie, it is good – reminded of few hollywood films but the treatment is quite unseen in Malayalam. Had high expectation after reading the reviews, so may be a bit disappoined(!), but still it is refreshing and a good effort.

    1. Yes, that is unfortunate indeed.
      They could explain the status, at least.

      The freshness of the film was its key factor.
      As you said, the reviews and buzz might have reduced it a little bit.
      But still it’s a good one and glad you liked it too.

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