51st Kerala School Kalolsavam
January 23rd, 2011 in Kalolsavam

51st Kerala School Kalolsavam

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The 51st Kerala School Kalolsavam (2011) took place during 18-23 January 2011.

Even though the Vandiperiyar incident forced last-minute changes to the schedule, the festival took place flawlessly. One day was cut short, making the 7-day schedule,  a 6-day one. 30 competitions were rescheduled to accommodate this change. Even in this situation, competitions were finished before late night, contrary to the usual past-midnight experiences.

Stages, judging, food & accomodation, transportation were all excellent. There were almost no negative opinion about anything. Which, definitely is a MASSIVE ACHIEVEMENT. There weren’t any controversies either.

All in all, it was a fabulous never-before experience for Kottayam.
We would like to have more of it.
Can’t wait to play host again to such good times.

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See the results of competitions at the official site.

Live Video

The event was livestreamed at victers.itschool.gov.in


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